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Summer Days and Early Morning Sunshine? Think Blackout Blinds!

We all love waking up on a warm sunny day but when the sun hits our windows at half five in the morning, it can get rather tiresome, mentally as well as physically! Especially if it involves young children! This is the time of year when many people are considering window blinds to block the bright summer sun. There are two types of service you can look for. There’s the kit blind that comes in standard sizes or a hand-made to measure custom blind, made to fit your individual window. Kit blinds, bought from department stores are made as cheaply as possible. Many with cardboard rollers and low quality fabrics, however you may think custom blinds are outside of your budget. Many high street blind shops and online companies charge unbelievably high prices for made to measure blinds but we think that you will be pleasantly surprised to find our made to measure blinds are not at all expensive even though we manufacture them with the best quality components available, like aluminium rollers and long-lasting, child friendly control systems. Our fabrics are of the best quality from Louvolite.

Henely Rum and Raisin Blackout Roller Blind Made to Measure

Stripe Blackout Roller Blind Fabric Henley Rum and Raisin

The best type of blind you can buy to stop any light entering the room is a Blackout Roller Blind. Our blackout fabrics are three layered – best quality polyester front and an acrylic back with an aluminium sheeting between the two, guaranteeing that no light whatsoever will penetrate the fabric. Our blackout blinds are exactly that, 100 % blackout. Our blackout blinds come in all modern colours and also in the latest style of patterns like the Savoy stripes,and floral Tafetta. We keep our prices as low as possible as we manufacture the blinds we sell, eliminating the middleman and therefore any higher costs.

Lily Olive Blackout Roller Blind

Lily Olive 100% Blackout Roller Blind

If you are local to any of our outlets (Romford or Central London) you can bring in your existing blinds and we will recover them in any fabric of your choice and any style you choose. This works out cheaper for you, gets rid of any measuring or fitting of new brackets and saves good working rollers and rails from the bin! Can’t go wrong with that!

Most of our fabrics can be used for Roller blinds, Vertical blinds and Roman blinds, allowing you to mix and match beautifully throughout your home.

We also offer the best quality aluminium venetian blinds you can buy in all colours at the same prices we have kept since 2007! And we are still running our 30% discount! This also goes for our superb made to measure wooden venetian blinds !

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